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Short film (thesis film ZHdK) | 2015 | 25:35 minutes | EN  |  UT e

Instead of digesting her break-up, NATALIE (35) has a first date with online acquaintance SASCHA (40). Unfortunately, it triggers the very thing she wants to suppress: her heartbreak. It takes one night and a few more or less self-destructive encounters to find peace again. Sort of.

Natalie Lale Yavas | Sascha Beat Marti | Screamer Gilles Tschudi | Kissing couple in Tram Julia Nauer, Sascha Luder | Waiter Thomas Grampp | Kissing couple in street Raquel Forster, Colin | Barkeeper Christian Samuel Weber


Written and directed by Rebecca Panian | DoP Stefan Dux | Executive Producer Luzius Fischer | Lighting Technician Jonas Fischer | Sound Engineer Stefan Birrer | Production Design Yoshi Goettgens | Costume & Make Up Felicitas Gaier | Editor Aurora Vögeli | Music & Sound Design  Martin Skalsky, Christian Schlumpf, Michael Duss | Color Grading  Ralph Wetli

VBZ, Silvia da Silva, Alois Merki | Longstreet Bar | Volkshaus | Red Lips Bar | Bar Populi | Yves Sablonier | Triplet Studios

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