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feature film | 2019 |78 minutes | EN /e

Produced by Rebecca Panian | Father & Sun | fomfinest film

After breaking up, a young couple decides to spend another 24 hours together to say goodbye with dignity. Easier said than done.

The main story was shot in 24 hours, with a crew of 6 people. Instead of a script, I worked with a dramaturgical outline, task cards and a planned tour through Berlin. Most of the dialogue is improvised.

Letting go of many “securities” and mutual trust have created space for unexpected energy and creativity. What a ride!

Magdalena Steinlein | Björn von der Wellen | Rasmus Max Wirth | Janina Elkin | Peter Donath


Written, directed & edited by Rebecca Panian  |  producers Rebecca Panian, Björn Von Der Wellen, Tim Birkhofer | DoPs Ramón Königshausen, Meret Madörin | Sound & Assistant Director Jorinde Weinmann | Music Kevin Smithers | Executive producer Nicole Guillemet | Associate Producer Sabrina Stoll, Ines Schiller | Cello Eru Matsumoto | Agree Magdalena Steinlein | Harp Kevin Smithers | Song FORTUNES Aywing | Sound design Rotor Film | Color Grading & VFX Ramon Königshausen


Berlin | Berlin Traffic Control (VLB), Sabine Poetzsch | BVG Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, Monika Schulz | Café HappaHappa, Enrico Koch | Pankow District Office, Gabriela Gleuer | Weissensee Strandbad, Peter Donath, Alexander Schüller | Fruit shop, Hikmet Kundakci | Teufelsberg, Marvin S. Schütte | Pizza shop, Vionis Alimetoj | Schneewitte second hand shop, Oriett Juschak

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