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Short film | 2017 | 9 minutes | EN | UT e

Produced by TALAS Film &AMILUX film | funded by FANDOR

While a young woman is waiting for her train in a Berlin café, the barista suddenly shoos away a little begging girl and starts ranting against refugees with two customers. What would you do?


Daniela Schulz | Liv Killing | Björn Von der Wellen | Christoph Letkowski | Tom Keune | Bernardo Arias Porras |Antje Härle

Jasmin Seikowsky | Victor Buzalka | Luisa Therese Pigors | Angela Ribera | Ronny Neuman

Directed by Rebecca Panian | Written by Rebecca Panian, Sylvia Borges | Producers Tara Biere (Talas Film), Gerda Leopold (Amilux Film), Rebecca Panian | Assistant director Johanna Pigors | DoP Monika Plura | 1.Camera assistant Tobias Meik | 2. Camera Assistant & Dit Christopher Link | Lighting Philip Brown | Gaffer Mathieu Von Chamier | Sound  Fabian Hinrichs |costume Frank Bohn mask Antje Zobler | Set design Angela Ribera | Set recording manager Anna Avramenko | Production assistant & Runner Victor Buzalka | Casting Laura Louisa Garde, Christian Limber, Rebecca Panian | Grading & Vfx Sergej Jurisdizkij, Martin Hofmann, Mind & Image Manipulation Coop | Sound design Julian Cropp

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