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Documentary | 2014 | 91 minutes | CH, Finland | UT d, e

Produced by Playground Media Productions AG

Co-produced by SRF Swiss Radio and Television, editor: Urs Augstburger



A film about why death is the best guide to a fulfilled life.


The film won the Audience Award at the Zurich Film Festival in 2014.

(Interview with Rebecca Panian and a report in 3Sat.)

Written & directed Panian | Concept Rebecca Panian, Elena Ibello, Kaspar Fopp | Producer Rudolf Isler | DoPs Rebecca Panian, Aladin Hasic, Marcus Adam, Stefan Dux, Sean Wirz, Simon Zangger | Editor Rolf Lang | Sound design Jacques Kieffer | Music Roman Lerch


Aargau Board of Trustees | Federal Office of Public Health BAG | Ernst Göhner Foundation | Hirslanden | Helsana | palliative zh+sh | Paul Schiller Foundation | Reformed Church of the Canton of Zurich | SALV | Swiss Red Cross | corymbo foundation | Palliacura Foundation | The George Foundation

Alongside the film the book ZU ENDE DENKEN was published by the Worteseh Verlag.

Over 40 people from different backgrounds and carreers have their say in a short text and express their very personal thoughts on life and death. In the book there is a QR code for each person that leads to an additional interview clip.

Access all interviews.

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